Striving for perfection serves me well in literary endeavors, but creating collages, which I began doing in 2010, showed me the beauty of imperfection. The edge of a page ripped from a magazine becomes a cloud. A stack of books serves as a staircase. Ladders are legs.


My art exploration also has led to a study of archetypal images which, without any active intention on my part, appear in my collages. How amazing to find that an animal or a staircase has a meaning linked to the collective unconscious as well as to my own psyche.


Collage-making is portable and requires only simple tools—paper, pen, scissors, glue. Over the past years, I’ve collaged in Paris, Pacific Grove, Sonoma, London, and New Mexico, as well as (and mostly) at my own dining room table in Inverness, California.


I use whatever materials I find along the way—sometimes a museum brochure, sometimes a ticket stub, sometimes pages from an old book. Collagist Romare Bearden put it this way: “You take what you have and make the most of it.”                                 Portfolio »  Brochure »